About Us

For many of you, Alaska is the trip of a lifetime. In October 2008, we began a web site to put our knowledge and experience of cruise travel to Alaska to use for fellow travelers making a decision about visiting this destination. From our first visit we developed a true passion for the wonder of this place and we continue to return to experience Alaska’s treasures again and again.

Our first encounter with cruising was through a medium many of us try to escape from when on vacation, the television and a show called "The Love Boat." This beautiful ship traveled to exotic or mysterious destinations while the passengers onboard searched for romance. We decided then that this was something to be experienced. The Caribbean was our first cruise holiday 17 years ago and since then cruising has been our vacation of choice. Besides sharing our travel experiences with you, our background includes product knowledge certifications with multiple cruise lines, prior travel agent experience (although don’t expect any future sales pitches as we no longer pursue this as an occupation) and the awesome opportunity to spend time seasonally in Alaska employed by one of the major cruise lines.

Each time we would begin planning for our next cruise to Alaska we noticed how overwhelming and confusing the Web was. Some information was incomplete or out-of-date and any research required visiting multiple sites and compiling it all on your own. While there were many sites offering cruise travel information, the reality was that most were a commercial sales pitch. Travel information focused on Alaska cruises was almost non-existent. The information we share on these pages is our effort to create a targeted and current resource for those who want to plan their Alaska cruise experience.

Cruise-in-Alaska.com is committed to going the “extra mile” for our visitors. We constantly update and expand our pages to provide you with insight and the most complete destination guide for planning your adventure. If Alaska is in your future travel plans and you have any travel-related questions, please contact us.

Cruise travel is a state of mind, a journey of discovery far away from the everyday and a portal where moments become treasured memories. There is no other travel experience that allows the freedom to explore our world, as by sea.

Bon Voyage,

Jenny & Wayne